Say What You See TV Game
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Say What You See TV Game

Product Code: PP0707

Say What You See TV is a quick-fire catchphrase guessing game that asks players one thing: say what you see! Deceptively simple, the aim of Say What You See TV is to guess the catchphrase that is represented on the pictogram card. Some of the clues will have you scratching your head but all you have to do is say what you see! The game starts by shuffling the set of pictogram cards. One player then takes the top card and shows the other players the pictogram clue, being careful not to show them the back of the card which contains the answer. The other players then call out the catchphrases they think are the answer. The first person to correctly guess the right answer wins the card. The person who collects five cards first is the winner. Pack contains 100 cards.
CAD $11.99