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Slam Design

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Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM003
  • Bottle bunny bites off your beer top. A helpful little fellow that screws to your wall and opens bottles with those two big front teeth of his.
  • CAD $20.99
Dog Cuff Links
  • Dog Cuff Links
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM009
  • Discreet style with a bit of cheek. These polished metal cufflinks, are the height of sartorial good taste for those with a penchant for the eccentric.
  • CAD $9.99
Mallow Lance
  • Mallow Lance
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM013
  • Toasting marshmallows over an open fire, barbecue or even a match is a right of passage for kids the world over. Since the tradition began, people have had to…
  • CAD $21.99
Spaghetti Cheese
  • CAD $11.99
Break the Bank
  • Break the Bank
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM021
  • Caught in a jam? Can't afford the cab home? Everyone looking at you for the last round? Fear not, help is at hand (or hip) when you have the handy Break the Bank.
  • CAD $5.99
Stuck Fish Bathplug
  • CAD $16.99
12'' Record Frame
  • 12'' Record Frame
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM028
  • Keep your favourite album cover artwork on display with this unique snap together Record Frame.
  • CAD $18.99
Claude Birdfeeder
  • Claude Birdfeeder
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM027
  • Claude is the ‘puuuurrfect’ bird feeder, capable of hanging from either his tail or front paws…
  • CAD $28.99
Exposure Mirror
  • Exposure Mirror
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM030
  • This new mirror is made to look like a camera lens so you can always keep yourself in the picture.
  • CAD $99.99
Glo Bottle Light
  • Glo Bottle Light
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM026
  • Glo is an innovative bottle cap replacement that allows you to illuminate the world around you.
  • CAD $18.99
Hoodie for iPad-Grey
  • Hoodie for iPad-Grey
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM022
  • OK so you may have a cover for the top of your iPad that doubles up as a stand, but that only offers screen protection. The iPad hoodie is a great way to…
  • CAD $19.99
Hoodies Cover-Grey
  • Hoodies Cover-Grey
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM014
  • Hoodies are here! Funky & stylish covers for your MP3 player or phone, they come in a variety of colours. They protect from bumps and scratches and are the last word in fashion for your iPod or mobile phone.
  • CAD $12.99
Kitchen Drawers Towel
  • CAD $24.99
Sharp End White Dog Sharpener
  • CAD $19.99
Squeaky Clean Sponges-3PK
  • CAD $3.99