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Pencil Broom
  • CAD $9.99
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  • Mr.Sponge
  • After a long day of cleaning and scrubbing, your hard-working sponge gets his moment to chill and dry out as Mr. Sponge’s bow tie. Attach him to your kitchen tiles or even inside your sink to get the perfect drainage. Includes sponge.
  • Peleg Design
  • Code : PE900
  • CAD $14.99
  • Qty:
Eyeglass / Contact Case-White
  • CAD $22.99
  • Qty:
Greatest Hots Pot Mitts
  • Greatest Hots Pot Mitts
  • Record heat! Whether you like it hot, or just need a hand (or two) with that sizzling new plate, our Greatest Hots pot mitts are sure to handle the heat in style!
  • Rocket
  • Code : RK017
  • CAD $10.99
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Today's Deals

Rocky Desk Butler
  • Rocky Desk Butler
  • Rocky is so obedient-his magnetic nose holds paper clips,his neck stores elastic bands,there is a well on his back for storage and he holds pens! Available in black and red. 
  • j-me
  • Code : JM077
  • CAD $11.99
  • Qty:
Mini iPad pouch-Diamante
  • Mini iPad pouch-Diamante
  • Mini iPad pouch with a Diamante buckle to add that touch of bling to your iPad.
  • Code : LP22237
  • CAD $9.99
  • Qty:
Blood Bathmat
  • Blood Bathmat
  • Gruesome, bloody, and absolutely offensive, the Blood Bath Mat is the perfect partner for our famous Blood Bath Shower Curtain.
  • Spinning Hat
  • Code : SH1202
  • CAD $11.99
  • Qty:
  • Confetti-Art
  • Art Confetti: the whole museum in a box! Whether for tossing around or decorating a table, confetti has become a party staple. Who said it needs to be boring? Have some fun with us!
  • Donkey
  • Code : DK300651
  • CAD $4.99
  • Qty: