Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Code: SLAM003
  • Bottle bunny bites off your beer top. A helpful little fellow that screws to your wall and opens bottles with those two big front teeth of his.
  • CAD $20.99
Wet My Whistle Pint
  • CAD $16.99
  • Beerdy
  • Peleg Design
  • Code: PE580
  • They say dog is man's best friend, but can a dog open a beer for you and then patiently wait on the cap of the next one?
  • CAD $13.99
Bomb Away Beer Bomb
  • Bomb Away Beer Bomb
  • Urban Trend
  • Code: UT30041
  • Start your night off right with the Bombs Away Beer Bomb. This is the perfect way to drink bomb shots without all of the mess!
  • CAD $10.99

Games and Puzzles

Reversi Game
  • Reversi Game
  • Luckies
  • Code: LK261
  • A classic for over one hundred years. Reversi is a 2 player abstract strategy game, played on an 8×8 grid with 64 double-sided pegs.
  • CAD $34.99
Games Night
  • CAD $44.99
Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0530
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy is a great party game for anyone who loved pin the tail on the donkey when they were a kid. Inside each set is…
  • CAD $6.99
Murder in Malibu
  • CAD $32.99