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Spare some change-Saxophone
  • Spare some change-Saxophone
  • Artori Design
  • Code: AD110
  • Where do you put the coins you take out from your pockets when you reach home? Don't just drop your small change on the table.. a street musician…
  • CAD $24.99
  • CAD $35.99
Razor bottle opener
  • Razor bottle opener
  • Artori Design
  • Code: AD131
  • Bottle opener in the shape of a razor blade, made of stainless steel, quality finish. For those who drink and shave..
  • CAD $17.50
Wine for your life
  • Wine for your life
  • Artori Design
  • Code: AD135
  • A humorously designed wine holder in the shape of a man and a woman running away from a heavy something (a bottle) that seems to be falling on them.
  • CAD $24.99
  • Lovebirds
  • Artori Design
  • Code: AD140
  • Looking for a romantic gift? We have the perfect idea! This handmade laser-cut sculpture is a romantic silhouette of two love birds.
  • CAD $34.99
Red napkin holder Matador and Bull
  • CAD $23.99
Plankton - blue
  • Plankton - blue
  • Artori Design
  • Code: AD186
  • A creative, fun designed pot strainer that looks like a whale! It easily strains the boiling water from the pot, leaving the food inside. 
  • CAD $16.95
Pencil Broom
  • CAD $9.99
Mag Booster USB Charger Travel Kit
  • Mag Booster USB Charger Travel Kit
  • Code: AM1468TRV
  • 4 port high power USB travel charger, 6.8A, you can charge up to 4 devices at the same time, with no drop off in charging time.
  • CAD $49.99
Caveman Mug
  • Caveman Mug
  • Bubblegum
  • Code: BG1401
  • Since 10,000 BC man has been creating tools. The Caveman mug is the latest invention that will only involve hunting around the kitchen to…
  • CAD $9.99
Caveman Bottle Opener
  • Caveman Bottle Opener
  • Bubblegum
  • Code: BG1403
  • If Cavemen had invented beer we’re pretty sure this is what their bottle opening tool would have looked like. Styled as if designed by Neanderthals…
  • CAD $15.99
Caveman Pizza Wheel
  • Caveman Pizza Wheel
  • Bubblegum
  • Code: BG1404
  • Cavemen originally used flint stone to chop up their food. A very clever Italian caveman merged this with the invention of the wheel to create…
  • CAD $9.99
Salt and Pepper Mushroom Set
  • CAD $19.99
Tube Tea Infuser
  • Tube Tea Infuser
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV23839
  • A simple design, yet a very practical & appealing way to infuse a cup of tea. High grade stainless steel.
  • CAD $10.99
Pick a Boo Toothpick Dispenser
  • Pick a Boo Toothpick Dispenser
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24215
  • Fun and practical toothpick dispenser - it works, is sanitary, looks good and gets a smile. To refill, just lift the side case up and drop in toothpicks from the top.
  • CAD $11.99
Ticket Doormat
  • Ticket Doormat
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24240
  • A fun and novel door mat from Balvi, this ticket shaped mat will amuse guests as they enter your home while sparing your carpets the dirt and grime.
  • CAD $43.99
Eyeglass / Contact Case-White
  • CAD $22.99
Eyeglass / Contact Case-Black
  • CAD $22.99
Movie Photo Frame-5 x 7
  • Movie Photo Frame-5 x 7
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24591
  • These clapboard style picture frames are a unique way to display your "star". Movie picture frames are a great way to create a Hollywood theme. 
  • CAD $14.99
Scooter Pizza Slicer
  • Scooter Pizza Slicer
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24617
  • Dual-bladed pizza cutter in a retro Italian scooter shape; a fun addition to any kitchen.
  • CAD $22.99
H2O Bottle
  • H2O Bottle
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24620
  • A nice bottle to serve cold water in, holds 1.2L.
  • CAD $33.99
Pyramid Frame 5
  • Pyramid Frame 5
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24626
  • Aluminum frame to hold 5 of your favorite 4 x 6 photos, you can swivel the frames to create your own favorite look!
  • CAD $19.99
Vintage Jar Opener
  • Vintage Jar Opener
  • Balvi
  • Code: BV24718
  • This old school vintage style adjustable opener is still the best way to get a grip on jars of peanut butter, jelly and more.
  • CAD $19.99
Birdies Snack Forks
  • CAD $23.99