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Phone Accessories

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Birdbox Radio
  • Birdbox Radio
  • Spinning Hat
  • Code: SH1349
  • What’s all that noise coming from the Birdhouse? Well it’s your favorite tunes playing on the Birdbox Radio of course! Seeing as Birds are social creatures that love to have…
  • CAD $24.99
Digital Luggage scale with 2200 mAh powerbank
  • CAD $39.99
Doodle Stylus
  • Doodle Stylus
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0700
  • Get doodling on your touchscreen with the Doodle Stylus. This detachable keychain has an electro conductive tip to enable you to draw on a touchable screen.
  • CAD $6.99
Mag Booster USB Charger Travel Kit
  • CAD $49.99
Selfie Stick
  • Selfie Stick
  • Code: KO1013
  • Join the selfie revolution! Our Selfie Stick has an earphone socket cable so there is no Bluetooth...
  • CAD $8.99
Smart Phone cover
  • Smart Phone cover
  • Luckies
  • Code: LK046
  • Sometimes it's a shame to ruin your outfit by shoving a scruffy phone in your pocket but we've (literally) got it covered! Smart Phone is...
  • CAD $9.99
Tablet Solar Charger
  • Tablet Solar Charger
  • XDDesign
  • Code: XD323192
  • Anodized aluminium case according to the deviwith solar panel and 2600mAh rechargeable lithium battery inside with an output of 5V/500mA or 1000mA which is suitable for both tablets and mobile phones. The voltage can be adjusted ce. Including connection cable and black velvet pouch with strip. 
  • CAD $99.99
Touch Speaker - Boom Box
  • CAD $59.99
Undercover Mini Sleeve
  • Undercover Mini Sleeve
  • Luckies
  • Code: LK008
  • The Undercover Mini is the ideal size to keep your mp3 player, keys, camera and bank card in but the joy of it is it just looks like a scruffy old envelope. Made of indestructible tyvek,- so its splashproof, tearproof and also padded for maximum protection.
  • CAD $9.99
Undercover Phone Sleeve
  • Undercover Phone Sleeve
  • Luckies
  • Code: LK049
  • The Undercover Phone sleeve is the ideal size to keep your phone, keys, camera and bank card in but the joy of it is it just looks like a scruffy old envelope.
  • CAD $7.99
Union Jack iPhone 5 Hard case
  • CAD $9.99
Wireless earbud-Pair
  • Wireless earbud-Pair
  • Loooqs
  • Code: XD326212
  • True wireless double earbuds with state of the art Bluetooth 4.1 module and high quality CSR chip by Qualcomm to make sure the earbuds will be perfectly synced.
  • CAD $159.99
Wireless earbud-Single
  • CAD $97.99