Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
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Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy

Product Code: PP0530

Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy is a great party game for anyone who loved pin the tail on the donkey when they were a kid. Inside each set is a cowboy poster, five re-useable moustache stickers and one blindfold. Simply choose which style of moustache you prefer and attempt to stick it as close to the cowboy’s upper lip as possible. Whoever is nearest is the winner. The moustaches are self-adhesive so there is no need for actual pins in this game. There are five varieties of moustache styles ranging from the dignified ‘Handlebar ‘to the smooth ‘American Standard’ or the slightly menacing ‘Horseshoe’. The cowboy poster is plastic and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy is guaranteed to get your party started whether you’re young or old. Poster is 40cm x 40cm.
CAD $6.99

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