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Kitchen and Dining Room

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Board Brothers Cutting Board Holder-Green
  • CAD $13.99
Board Brothers Cutting Board Holder-Red
  • CAD $13.99
Bomb Away Beer Bomb
  • Bomb Away Beer Bomb
  • Urban Trend
  • Code: UT30041
  • Start your night off right with the Bombs Away Beer Bomb. This is the perfect way to drink bomb shots without all of the mess!
  • CAD $10.99
Bone Appetit
  • CAD $19.99
Book Worm Porcelain Mug
  • CAD $17.99
Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Bottle Bunny Opener
  • Slam Design
  • Code: SLAM003
  • Bottle bunny bites off your beer top. A helpful little fellow that screws to your wall and opens bottles with those two big front teeth of his.
  • CAD $20.99
Boxing Champ Oven Mitt
  • CAD $18.99
Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Luckies
  • Code: LK020
  • Brown Paper Bag references the time honoured American tradition of taking your lunch to work in a paper bag...
  • CAD $24.99
Bullet Ice Tray
  • Bullet Ice Tray
  • Code: JB1002
  • For the killer drink, freshen up your beverage with a round from the Bullet Ice tray.
  • CAD $4.99
Bunny Pops
  • Bunny Pops
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT417
  • Add some magic flavor to your popsicles! Simple to make and fun to eat. Just fill the popsicle molds with your favorite juice, wait until they freeze and abracadabra! The bunnies pop right out, Yum! Sold by Pack of 2.
  • CAD $15.99
Butterflies enamel mug
  • CAD $17.99
Button up Blue and Red
  • CAD $17.99
Button up-Greys
  • CAD $17.99
Buttonhole Napkins-Dinner Party
  • Buttonhole Napkins-Dinner Party
  • Donkey
  • Code: DK200406
  • An urban bad habit is spontaneous business meals, and it appears to be spreading. Vigorously counteract with our tie buttonhole napkin! You’ll look scrumptious at any business lunch.
  • CAD $6.99
  • CAD $18.99
Calm Club Mocktail Faking Kit
  • CAD $49.99
Camoware enamel mug
  • CAD $17.99
  • CAD $15.99
Caniam Lens Mug SS interior
  • Caniam Lens Mug SS interior
  • Code: JB1001
  • This mug is a replica of a 24-105mm camera lens. This Caniam brand cup features an all plastic exterior and a stainless steel interior. The lid has a drinking spout, screws on to the mug. A great gift for anyone who likes photography!
  • CAD $29.99
Canteen Beer Stein
  • Canteen Beer Stein
  • Barbuzzo
  • Code: UT30108
  • Drink your beer in vintage-style stainless steel 'tin cup' style with the Canteen Half Gallon beer stein!
  • CAD $25.99
Canteen Shots
  • Canteen Shots
  • Barbuzzo
  • Code: UT30107
  • Bring rustic charm to your festivities with these canteen-style shot glasses.
  • CAD $25.99
Cat In Space Mug
  • Cat In Space Mug
  • Gift Republic
  • Code: GR450008
  • We’ve been up into space and it’s pretty dark and dreary up there. What it needs, what it really needs – is cats. 
  • CAD $17.99
Cat Mug
  • CAD $19.99
Caveman Bottle Opener
  • Caveman Bottle Opener
  • Bubblegum
  • Code: BG1403
  • If Cavemen had invented beer we’re pretty sure this is what their bottle opening tool would have looked like. Styled as if designed by Neanderthals…
  • CAD $15.99