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Pac-Man Washbag
  • Pac-Man Washbag
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0485PM
  • Keep clean with this retro washbag. Power pellets not included! (100 % Polyester)
  • CAD $12.99
Picture This! Game
  • Picture This! Game
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0862
  • Picture This! is a picture game puzzle which tests your ability to recognise close up images of every day products.
  • CAD $12.99
Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0530
  • Pin the Moustache on the Cowboy is a great party game for anyone who loved pin the tail on the donkey when they were a kid. Inside each set is…
  • CAD $9.99
Pug Tape Measure
  • Pug Tape Measure
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP3044
  • A brilliantly cute and useful little helper, this Pug Tape Measure is perfect for all those household measuring jobs.
  • CAD $16.99
Question Block Storage Tin
  • CAD $33.99
Rubik Mug
  • Rubik Mug
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2402RC
  • The puzzle has been solved, let's drink to that from this officially licensed mug! Has a curved lip to make sipping easy. Hand wash only.
  • CAD $22.99
Rubik's Cube Playing Cards
  • CAD $10.99
Rubik's Cube Stress Ball
  • CAD $10.99
Rubik's Cube Two Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Rubik's Cube Two Impossible Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2395RC
  • Two fiendishly difficult jigsaw puzzles in one box. Each jigsaw puzzle, featuring a different Rubik's Cube, contains 40 pieces. The challenge lies in working out which piece belongs to which puzzle!
  • CAD $9.99
Say What You See TV Game
  • Say What You See TV Game
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0707
  • Say What You See TV is a quick-fire catchphrase guessing game that asks players one thing: say what you see! Deceptively simple, the aim of Say What You See TV is to guess...
  • CAD $11.99
Scott & Lawson Carabiner Mug
  • Scott & Lawson Carabiner Mug
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2732
  • Whatever your plans, if you've got a taste for adventure you won't want to be without this double-walled stainless steel Karabiner Mug.
  • CAD $17.99
Scott & Lawson Carabiner Tool
  • Scott & Lawson Carabiner Tool
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2742
  • You never know what you'll need when living a life of adventure, so be prepared for the unexpected with this 4-in-1 stainless steel multitool.
  • CAD $9.99
Scott & Lawson Grooming Set
  • CAD $21.99
Scott & Lawson Travel Mug
  • CAD $26.99
Shot Roulette
  • Shot Roulette
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP0803
  • Roulette with a twist! Wherever the ball lands, the corresponding shot must be taken.
  • CAD $24.99
Street Fighter LED Flashlight with sound
  • CAD $8.99
Super Mario Bros. 3D Motion Notebook
  • CAD $15.99
Super Mario Bros. Multi-tool
  • CAD $16.99
Super Mario Brothers 3D Coasters
  • CAD $16.99
Superman 3D Lenticular Notebook
  • Superman 3D Lenticular Notebook
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2628DC
  • Whether creating your own comic, building a scrapbook, or just in need of somewhere to make a note or two, this Superman Notebook is just the thing. 
  • CAD $15.99
Superman Hero Light
  • CAD $59.99
Superman Magnetic Bottle Opener
  • CAD $14.99
Superman Notebook
  • CAD $15.99
Superman Poncho
  • Superman Poncho
  • Paladone
  • Code: PP2624DC
  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s big black cloud and it’s heading your way.  Never fear, the Superman Poncho is here to save the day.
  • CAD $13.99