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Flower Power
  • Flower Power
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT802
  • Here’s a cheerful way to keep the lid of the pot open so steam can vent. Just place Flower Power on the edge of the pot and…
  • CAD $15.99
Pulke Herb Infuser
  • Pulke Herb Infuser
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT801
  • No more embarrassing incidents involving parsley in your teeth! Pulke will keep your herbs together while adding flavors to your stews.
  • CAD $16.99
Paper Peg Stapler
  • Paper Peg Stapler
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT788
  • Paper Peg is your little helper, he will sort out all the paper work he gets. A great chance to bring a smile to anyone’s desk.
  • CAD $9.99
  • TeaSub
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT264
  • “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow ...” - With the Tea Sub, you will be happily humming this classic song by the Beatles as you prepare your morning tea.
  • CAD $19.99
Sardine Paper Clips
  • Sardine Paper Clips
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT348
  • These Sardine Paper Clips have all the charm of real sardines, but without the fishy odor. Funny and useful at the same time, they're even packaged in a reuseable tin designed to look like a real sardine can. Includes 30 clips.
  • CAD $11.99
Pretzel Keyring
  • Pretzel Keyring
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT349
  • This pretzel is crisp yet firm, fat-free too and lasts much longer than the average pastry. A keyring with an appetizing twist, it easily attaches to your bag or belt loop.
  • CAD $7.99
Spaghetti Tower
  • Spaghetti Tower
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT431
  • This stylish container stores your spaghetti and then dispenses the exact quantity you need for your meal. 
  • CAD $24.99
ClipTip Ruler
  • ClipTip Ruler
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT785
  • Stainless steel ruler with paperclip tip. Handy for displaying notes and reminders. 
  • CAD $7.99
Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser-Charcoal
  • CAD $24.99
Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser-Pink
  • CAD $24.99
Agatha Spoon holder & steam releaser-Purple
  • CAD $24.99
Al Dente Spaghetti Tester & Steam Releaser
  • CAD $19.99
Apple Shot Corer and Peeler
  • CAD $9.99
Avocado spoon rest
  • Avocado spoon rest
  • Ototo
  • Code: OTWL822
  • We took out the seed and put it away, now let your spoon take a rest, it’s been working all day.
  • CAD $17.99
Baby Nessie-Green
  • CAD $19.99
Baby Nessie-Purple
  • CAD $19.99
Baby Nessie-Turquoise
  • CAD $19.99
Barry Grater
  • Barry Grater
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT906
  • Carrots or cheese make a grate spot to scratch and once they meet Barry it's a guaranteed match!
  • CAD $25.99
Beardy Dish Brush
  • Beardy Dish Brush
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT016
  • When your sink is cluttered and dirty, there is no better friend than Beardy.
  • CAD $18.99
Bert Cheese Knife
  • CAD $21.99
Best Buddies Spoon Holders and Steam Releasers
  • CAD $34.99
  • BigFoot-White
  • Ototo
  • Code: OT876
  • There’s nothing scary about this BigFoot - as a matter of fact, you’ll feel like a winner if he joins you for dinner.
  • CAD $18.99
Bjorn Spoon Holder and Steam Releaser
  • CAD $19.99
Blade Knife Sharpener-Charcoal
  • CAD $21.99